Katikkiro rescues accident victim, rushes her to hospital

Katikkiro Charles Peter Mayiga left Bulange early morning heading to Kyaggwe for the Emmwanyi Terimba campaign. As his convoy reached Sir Apollo Kaggwa Road, he saw a woman who had had an accident while traveling on a boda boda. Instead of looking on like most Ugandans would do and continue with his trip, he beckoned his driver to stop so they can help her.

All the cars in the convoy where full so Katikkiro decided to have the woman who has since been identified as Mary Kiconco share a seat with him and ordered his convoy to the nearest hospital which was KCCA Kawempe hospital since Mulago is under renovation.

However, on reaching hospital, Katikkiro was surprised that the hospital which is working as referral hospital didn’t have medical staff to handle emergencies. The only staff at reception wasn’t bothered claiming her job stops at directing patients.

Some eye witnesses including a Vision Group journalist say she even jeered the volunteers as they requested her to handle the patient as she needed emergency help.

Anyway, Katikkiro has been commended by a cross section of people on social media for doing the right thing with many comments saying Mayiga is a true leader who cares about others.

Mary Kicoco being helped out of Katikkiro’s Land Cruiser V8
Katikkiro speaking to the arrogant receptionist


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