Dr Jones Kyazze email urging Muteesa I staff and students to strike leaks

By Buganda Today Investigation Desk

An email has leaked, which was authored by Dr Jones Kyazze, a member of the University Council, which seeks to destabilize the Kabaka’s institution of higher learning has leaked.

This email has is the evidence that Dr Kyazze has been conniving with some people to cause chaos in the institution as we exclusively revealed last week.

In the leaked email Dr Kyazze was sending to some junior members of staff and other enemies of Buganda (we have decided not to reveal who they are at this stage), he praises himself for starting the war on Ssaabasajja Kabaka’s university. He reveals how some staff have been congratulating him for a job well done to destabilize the university.

We can reveal that the Sept 30th 2017 email was sent through Dr Kyazze’s email (joneskyazze1@gmail.com). Below is the email which is evidence that Dr Kyazze is creating chaos for the university. We believe Ssaabasajja Kabaka will be pleased to know that some people he appointed to help him govern the university as council members are instead ensuring the university stalls.

Dr Jones Kyazze, the old man destabilizing Muteesa I Royal University

Dr. Jones Kyazze’s email of 30th Sept 2017 is here below:

From: Jones Kyazze
Sent: ‎9/‎30/‎2017 15:58
To: ………………………………………..,…………………………….,…………



Weebale nnyo kyokoze okuweerezaako Chencellor. Anti wano olutalo nduliko bwomu.

Ekyomukisa, nfunye abawagira bangi abankubidde amasimu naddala okuva mu staff. Ekiwandiiko kyagugumudde Council era nnasanyuse nnyo. For once, Chairman Frank Sebbowa ye yakyanjudde mu meeting ya Council ku Friday 29th September in the best terms: “One member Dr. Kyazze is calling for the assessment of the VC.”  A small Committee of 4 people including me (the accuser), the Chairman of Council, the Chair Appointments and Governance Committee and one or two others.

My strategy is to objectively prove the VC’s failure to meet our expectations as well as his own commitments; the incompetancies and incapcity to lead the team of intellectuals.

Given that his unexplainable UGX……million monthly cheque is one of the causes of discomfort for the rest of the team and for the Institution’s meagre budget,  I am going to propose that when the current contract expires in a year’s time, the post is readvertised calling for:

1) better qualified candidates

2) Offering a more reasonable salary.

He can of course reapply and compete with others NOT just imposed by Minister Kaawaase as it was for the present VC.


Jones Kyazze



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