Katikkiro addresses Lukiiko on age limit

The constitution is the national covenant in which the people and their leaders agree on the principles upon which the country can move as one, Katikkiro Charles Peter Mayiga has said. Mayiga said this while addressing the Buganda Lukiiko on Monday at Bulange Mengo.

This is the second time Katikkiro Mayiga has spoken out on amendments to remove the age limit that bars anybody to stand for president when they are 75 years old and above. President Yoweri Museveni according to media reports has said he still needs to be president after 2021 so that he can finish his revolution. The newspapers have not said what revolution issues the president needs to accomplish. Museveni is 73 today and ineligible to stand for president in 2021 unless the constitution is amended.

Katikkiro addressing the Lukiiko

“The national covenant is premised upon the trust that the citizens place in the sanctity of the supreme law of the land,” Mayiga said. “Amendment of the constitution can, therefore, only take place with the full consent of the citizens following a transparent and truly genuine process,” he added.

Katikkiro Mayiga also called upon the government to stop the processes of amending the land act that will enable government to take people’s land without fully and adequately compensating them. “The government must stop threatening individuals and media houses that debate this issue,” Mayiga said.

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