Kabaka commends Mayiga on Ettoffaali as Abapantagonia panick

Kabaka Ronald Mutebi isn’t known for singling out particular activities executed by his Katikkiros. In rare speeches twice at two different venues, Kabaka Mutebi directly thanked his people for contributing Ettoffaali.

“I want to thank you for Ettoffaali which was used to do a tremendous job. We are very pleased with what you did, thank you very much,” Kabaka Mutebi told his audience at Lufulu Meat Packers and then Owino Market as he toured their activities as part of the Bulungibwansi (self help) day.

Usually, the Kabaka sends his Katikkiro to thank people for such gestures. Ettoffaali is Katikkiro Charles Peter Mayiga’s fundraising drive which was used to reconstruct the Kasubi Royal Tombs and Masengere building.

Those who oppose Katikkiro Mayiga have been telling people that Kabaka Mutebi was unhappy with Ettoffaali and had even suspended it. Those people however didn’t explain how the Kabaka can stop Ettoffaali for alleged mismanagement and leaves the person who spearheaded it in office.

“The ‘Pantangonians’ (Buganda’s enemies) Katikkiro talks about were seen uncomfortably shifting in their chairs as the Kabaka made the remarks,” a source close to Mengo told our reporter.

It is expected that Ettoffaali will resume soon and this time money will directly benefit those who will be contributing it.

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