Katikkiro urges Police to concentrate on their real job

Katikkiro Charles Peter Mayiga spoke at the Luwalo Lwaffe event on Tuesday. Here is a summary of his speech.

Katikkiro at the Luwalo Lwaffe event

There are three main causes of tension in the country today. These are;

1. Wanton murders and rape of women especially in Wakiso district which seem to be carried out by people with intention of causing general anxiety 
2. Rampant land evictions and a proposed Bill, if passed that will enable government compulsorily acquire land before the owners are adequately and fully compensated
3. The Bill to lift the constitutional age limit for the president (K’ogikwatako). The Katikkiro said that he would speak about the Age Limit bill in due course. However, he urged the government to calm the situation and urged police to carry out their work professionally and stop concentrating on quelling political activities without carrying their rightful duties of protecting the citizens. The Katikkiro also urged the electorate not to let MPs present views, which they do not subscribe to.

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