Katikkiro issues statement on age limit debate

Katikkiro addresses the media on the age limit debate earlier today at Bulange

Press Release

September 29, 2017

The Kingdom of Buganda is watching the developments taking place in the country, especially with regards to what took place in Parliament two days ago, with great anxiety.

Matters to do with the constitution affect all Ugandans; and like the rest of the citizens, the people of Buganda are concerned that whenever there is acrimony on matters touching upon the sanctity of the constitution tensions rise.

We, therefore, call for extreme caution regarding the way constitutional amendments are handled in order to avoid tensions and/or consequential conflicts.

All Ugandans, whether they support or oppose any constitutional amendments, have the constitutional and legal right to express their views without being hindered, intimidated or arrested.

We express our sympathies to all those who were injured during the scuffle in parliament, and we do hope there shall be no repeat of such incidents.

Charles Peter Mayiga



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