Mpanga, Makubuya earn billions from Museveni

Third Deputy Katikkiro  Apollo Makubuya and Buganda Attorney General David Mpanga are set to earn billions of money from the central government after the pair signed deals to represent the defunct Crane Bank. Mpanga’s law firm AF Mpanga (Bowmans) and Makubuya’s law firm MAKKS are both to represent the Crane Bank in a suit filed by Bank of Uganda. The duo were awarded the contracts reportedly worth Shs12.5 billion without bidding by the Bank of Uganda.

The reason there was no bidding is because the two are considered President Yoweri Museveni’s blue eyed boys on Buganda.


Makubuya and Mpanga, the two Buganda officials in bed with the central government making billions in return

This shocking news comes a day after Buganda Kingdom decried the lack of debt repayments from the central government. The Buganda treasury had earmarked Shs8 billion as money that would come from the government to ensure that Kabaka delivers services to his people.

Ironically, Makubuya is responsible to recover this money from the government on behalf of the Kabaka while Mpanga as Attorney General is supposed to offer legal advice. The two who are away from Buganda Kingdom headquarters without leave didn’t show up in the Lukiiko on Monday where a resolution was passed that the Kingdom demands the government to honor its debt obligations.

Analysts says it will be very hard for Makubuya and Mpanga to recover Kabaka’s money from the government that awards them billions of money without bidding to represent it in court.

Journalist and NRM and State House insider Andrew Mwenda while appearing on NBS TV’s Frontline Show last week confirmed having seen a letter signed by Bank of Uganda governor Tumusiime Mutebile authorising the payment of USD600,000 (shs2.16 billion) as advance payment to Mpanga and Makubuya.

This puts Buganda Kingdom at a major loss because Mpanga and Makubuya will not in anyway demand anything from the government that pays them billions to litigate for them.

“Buganda Kingdom if it needs money and federo, it must have other people who represent it. When Mpanga and Makubuya appear with government officials, they will be looking at their own interests,” Mary Nankinga, an analyst told us.

In fact, only this week, social media was awash with a video of Mpanga and New Vision CEO Robert Kabushenga, an NRM insider and adviser to President Museveni reportedly making a deal of how New Vision will get exclusive stories regarding the Crane Bank case. In a social media post, Mpanga acknowledged the meeting.

This further explains the reason the Kabaka is being sued by people like Male Mabirizi because Mpanga as Attorney General instead of serving the Kabaka is only making deals from the government.

“Kabaka Mutebi must do a cabinet reshuffle at Mengo and appoint people who can serve him fully. When John Katende was Attorney General, he didn’t abandon the Kabaka to make deals. We need somebody ready to serve the interests of the Kingdom,” Nankinga further said.

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