Kabaka grills David Mpanga, gives him six-month probation

News Highlight: Mpanga, fearing to be sacked, ends self-imposed exile

David Mpanga, Buganda Kingdom’s Attorney General has returned from self-imposed exile after a thorough grilling and dress down by the Kabaka. Mpanga has been absent without official leave (AWOL) for some time. He had abandoned the Buganda Lukiiko, Cabinet and all Mengo official functions.

“The only activity Mpanga was involved in at Mengo for the last one year or so is to requisition for his monthly allowances,” a source said. “Otherwise he had abandoned everything. He hadn’t been at his office desk in Bulange for a long time.”

As the Kabaka was in Mawokota to celebrate the Kingdom’s Local Government Day, Mpanga the line minister for Local Government was away at his country home in Namugongo partying.

Mpanga addressing the press at Bulange after his return from self-imposed exile

The Kabaka has been noting all this and finally called him to his Bbanda Palace, our reliable sources say. When Mpanga was summoned to Bbanda, he thought his time of being named Katikkiro had arrived. He went in high spirits. He is alleged to have called his comrade who is also partly AWOL – Apollo Makubuya – and informed him. “It is our turn to enjoy. Kabaka ampise e Banda ndowooza kati e ntebe tugitutte. Omanyi oli akyali mu America so this is good news,” Mpanga is said to have Whatsapped Makubuya meaning I have been asked to meet the Kabaka and this must be good news. You know the other guy is still in America. Makubuya sent this Whatsapp to some of his friends who leaked it to us.

On reaching Bbanda, he found the Kabaka in a pensive mood and when he was ushered into his office, he realised that this was not the time to inform him of the good news he expected. Mpanga for long has been lobbying to become Katikkiro like he did at Kabaka’s 61st Birthday at Buddo College while officiating as MC. On that day, Mpanga gave a story of how the Kabaka had visited the school when he was a student at Buddo and he (Mpanga) was a boy. Now, Mpanga said, “I have grown up and deserve a better office. Ondambiranga ddala Ayi Ssaabasajja.” The only top office beyond the one Mpanga had abandoned is that of Katikkiro.

Because the Kabaka has been with Mpanga for sometime, he wanted to deliver the bad news himself. On learning that the Kabaka has decided to fire him, Mpanga went on his knees and begged Ssaabasajja Kabaka for forgiveness and promised that if he is given a chance, he will behave differently.

“Mpanga was thoroughly grilled by the Kabaka who was ready to fire him. Mpanga as a lawyer, he fought his way using colorful language and a few tears here and there and pledged his alliance to the Kabaka once again. The Kabaka eventually agreed to retain him. However, the Kabaka told him he will be on a six months probation. If he doesn’t change, he will be fired without any further warning,” our Bbanda Palace source told us.

His absence as Attorney General is the reason people like Male Mabirizi have taken the Kabaka to court. There is a legal gap at Mengo caused by a non-working Attorney General.

The Kabaka told him to create law chambers at Mengo and work tirelessly to ensure that all legal issues the Kingdom is facing are resolved. “Mpanga came out of the meeting with red eyes. You could think his eyes had been replaced with those of a weaver bird,” our source said.

The Kabaka has seen an attack on his Kingdom by some politicians using people like Male Mabirizi and is not happy about it.

“The Kabaka gave him an ultimatum and told him he either works or leaves. That is the reason you saw Mpanga at the Mengo Palace when the Kabaka was meeting his Ssaza Chiefs over the weekend and then on the Capital Gang on Capital FM. He also addressed the press conference at Buganda Land Board on Tuesday this week,” a source explained.

Today, Mpanga is all over the place but he comes when the likes of Male Mabirizi are gaining ground when a high court judge ruled that Buganda Land Board should give him (Mabirizi) access to bank details.

“If Mpaga had been doing his job as Attorney General, Buganda would not find itself in this situation. His job is now clear and now that he has been grilled properly, we hope he will end his self imposed exile,” our source added.


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