Landless and homeless Beti Kamya can’t advise you on your land


Betty Olive Namisango Kamya sometimes known by the acronym BONK or the more appropriate BONKT if you add on Turomwe, the man she snatched and later married has been all over the news opposing Ekyapa Mu Ngalo. Betty Kamya was maid of honor at Turomwe’s first wedding. She would later start secretly dating her best friend’s husband. They say a leopard never changes its spots. Betty Kamya can’t be trusted. She is leopard.

Betty Kamya who is now a minister in the central government was once the darling of the opposition. How did she end up the defender of the regime she spent years criticizing? The answer is because she is double faced as Turomwe’s first wife realized later to her utter surprise.

Betty Kamya who is now landless and homeless after selling her late father’s estate

Betty Kamya grew up in luxury. Her dad was a billionaire with over 20 properties in the Kampala leafy suburbs of Lugujja and Makindye. She went to top schools and she would later end up as executive director of the Uganda Wildlife Education Centre, formerly known as Entebbe Zoo. Soon after she realized that the zoo was too small for her and went into politics. Her first stop was Lubaga North where she served as Member of Parliament.

She was able to fund her political ambitions using her late father’s wealth to the extent that she even vied for the biggest office in the land – president of Uganda. What she forgot that if you spend money on politics while selling properties, time would come when you have nothing. And eventually, the properties would be over and the presidency such a long shot. She returned to Lubaga North and it was also a long shot.

The last election where she failed to go through was the kick that broke the camel’s back. She sold her last property – her house in Lungujja to fund her campaign and she still lost. To avoid people talking too much, she entered into an agreement with the buyer to rent her own house. Once a rich woman in Kampala with properties in prime areas, Betty Kamya is today landless. You can even add homeless.

The landless and homeless Kamya is now the same woman who wants to carry out a referendum on your own land. If you have no title like Betty Kamya because you sold your father’s sweat, why do you want others to be like you? And Betty Kamya didn’t have only leases that the lessor refused to renew. Rather she old everything thinking she would be president. Money blinded her. Now, she has nothing.

Without money and no land left, husband snatcher Betty Kamya started begging. Her neighbours say, they used to see her send a political assistant for cassava, which she would eat raw smeared with only salt. On a number of occasions, her ramshackle vehicle would run out of fuel. A number of times, she would arrive at the Capital Gang in Kisementi on a Boda boda and apologise for being late because of a road problem – the road problem being running out of fuel. The Capital Gang allowance had become her single biggest source of income. A former billionaire now earning money that wouldn’t otherwise sustain her for a day. Betty Kamya didn’t even have good clothes to wear anymore. She resorted to natural hair as it is easier to maintain – only soap and water is needed.

Soon, she started hobnobbing with the NRM and news of her dire situation reached the President. President Museveni is known for taking advantage of broke people like he did with the late Eria Kategaya. Museveni knows that such politicians will do whatever he asks them to do and more. He can control them – a master and dog kind of relationship. That is how she ended up claiming she will mobilise all the votes for Museveni in 2021. If you can’t win a constituency where you are a household name, how would you get the President votes?

Today, Betty Kamya is in charge of giving away markets to pseudo investors as she pockets the bribes. And that is the main reason she doesn’t want you to have a land title because as a Kibanja holder, you are easy to evict. Betty Kamya will soon be evicting you if you fail to secure your land. The government is already planning to amend the Land Act so that it takes your land without timely and adequate compensation. If they can do that to a mailo land title owner, it means without a title, Betty Kamya will just turn up and point at your land and it is taken.

She is a snake who can’t be trusted. That is why she betrayed FDC and now is in NRM making calls on what you should own and how you should own it. She has already teamed up with Buganda’s biggest enemy – UPC since Betty Amongi Akena (lands minister) is a daughter in law of Milton Obote. Amongi has an agenda of fulfilling her father in law’s dream of ensuring Buganda doesn’t rise again.




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