Kabaka Mutebi concerned over Buddu murders

Kabaka Ronald Muwenda Mutebi has sympathized with his Buddu subjects over the terrifying murders which are going on in that region.

His Majesty said that many of his subjects have suffered with fear and torture from the murderers who leave letters threatening to take their lives.

The Kabaka said this during his meeting with Buddu county officials at his Nkoni Palace last weekend where he had gone to officiate at the opening ceremony of the Masaza Cup tournament.

Kabaka while in Buddu over the weekend

“We are concerned of what is happening in this region, numerous murders with no evidence or proof to nail victims which have tortured and still torturing our people,” Kabaka Mutebi said.

“We should stick together and find a solution to these deaths which have been ongoing in Buddu region and still ongoing in order to give people hope and keep them safe,” his majesty added.

Pookino (Buddu Ssaza chief), Vincent Mayiga Ssebbowa said that they are going to work hand in hand with the security institutions to keep the county safe.

“We are going to eradicate this act of murder after receiving warning notices here in our region together with your help your majesty,” Ssebbowa said.

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